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Criminal Defense Investigations

The road map to a successful criminal defense is a thorough and meticulous investigation which uncovers many routes to freedom.

With expertise in many aspects of Law Enforcement functions, including but not limited to:

arson - use of force - narcotics
violent crime  -  evidence, chain of custody
policy and procedure - and more ...

                   CV available upon request.



Personal Injury Investigations

When life gets bumpy, sometimes it causes injuries. 

A good Investigator knows the ins and outs of liability, and what facts to uncover which may identify additional liable parties.

Maximize your civil case by providing your Civil Jury with a Baker Street Investigation.

  collision - arson - technical scene diagrams

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Background Investigations

Does your case's Adverse Party have a recent, discoverable, history of frivolous complaints or accusations?

How many other people have been the target of a similar legal action?

Let Baker Street answer these questions for you.

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Service of Process

All Baker Street field agents are Sonoma County licensed, bonded and insured, Registered Process Servers. 

All services include skip trace, proof of service, declaration, and photograph(s).


Family Law. Case support

Get ahead of your client's adverse party with targeted surveillance, video, photography, as well as other relevant Baker Street services.

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