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FAMILY LAW: Case support

It is sometimes difficult to navigate through an ending relationship.

Retaining a Family Law Attorney is always highly suggested.

Your Investigator can acquire information for the Attorney, and effectively co-pilot your case through its twists and turns.


Background Investigations

Does your child have a new adult in the other parent's household? 

Should you be concerned?

Get a fast and accurate picture of that person's history that may alleviate concerns and bring some peace of mind.


Parentage / Lineage

At a certain point in life, one may want a more complete picture of their family. Putting together the pieces of history can be both logistically and emotionally challenging. At Baker Street Investigations, we can locate your missing pieces with speed, accuracy, sensitivity and understanding. 


E Date Verification

On the road to a new life together often starts with a match on a digital platform. 

Do you want to know if you're communicating with a predator, felon, a married person, a computerized algorithm, or a catfish?

Find out if your match is who they say they are!

person in suit handing over papers

Service of Process

Need to modify custody or child support?

Embarking on a journey through the civil legal system often starts with the service of legal papers. 

Make certain your trip starts right the first time with accurate and expedited service of process.

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