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Integrity Services

Whether you need ...

Pre-employment backgrounds
Employee risk assessments 
Business client or prospective business partner background investigations

Baker Street can get you on your way with peace of mind.


Competitive Intelligence

Get ahead of the competition with an intelligence study of information from various sources such as:

customer, competitor, key distributor, and supplier interviews.

trade show and conference attendance.

government record searches 



HR / Workplace Investigations

Avoid the perception of employer bias in HR investigations by seeking an independent 3rd party to weigh the facts. After all, you still have a product or service to provide.


Site Safety Audit

Does your place of business contain hazards that may expose you to employee and/or customer liability? 

The time to modify processes, procedures, and mitigate hazards is now. 

Don't wait until an accident happens to make the change. Having years of personal injury litigation support, Baker Street can identify problem areas and suggest effective remedies. 


Covert Employee Services

Are you having an internal issue with product loss or "shrink"?

Perhaps trade secrets are being leaked to a competitor?

Put a Baker Street field agent on your payroll and find out definitively where your valued assets are going and who is responsible.

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