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Get trained, get supplied, get a life saved.

Do you, a loved one, a business partner, or client have an opioid problem? Does your personal life or business service put you in regular contact with at risk persons?

The age of fentanyl is upon us and it is most definitely deadly. Thankfully, the age of widely available Narcan (Naloxone) is also upon us.

Most needle exchanges provide Narcan doses as well as sterile hypodermics. This service is not specifically limited to active users. As a person who comes into contact with the active user/abuser/addict, Narcan should be a part of your first aid supplies. The US Surgeon General recommends that all Americans carry and be trained in naloxone rescue.

Get trained, get supplied, get a life saved.

DAAC Sonoma County DOPE Project SF ACHCMI Face to Face AIDS Project West County Health Centers--Healthcare for the Homeless

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